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Would you like to live in a new place and experience a different, more relaxed culture? Then moving to Mexico may be just what you need. From the tropical weather, beautiful landscapes, and amazing food, there’s a lot on offer. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why moving from the US to Mexico may be a wonderful idea for you. 

The Top Reasons to Move from the USA to Mexico

Do you want to make your home in any Mexican destination of your choice: Guanajuato, Merida, Oaxaca, or Puerto Vallarta? Then, you can also look forward to these benefits:

Proximity to the USA

Mexico shares the same landmass as the USA so moving between both countries is quite easy. Furthermore, it is easy to drive between both countries. Many Americans choose to live in Mexico, and the population of ex-pats contains all ages: from young digital nomads to retired people. 

Ex-pats in Mexico often live in the country for half of the year and then return to live in the USA for the remaining six months. So you could enjoy the best of both worlds.  

However, you should note that legal visitors and tourists require a passport and no visa to enter Mexico. Also, these persons can legally stay in Mexico for up to 180 days with a passport. But, afterward, they need to leave the country. 

A Significantly Lower Cost of Living

The lower cost of living is among the top reasons to move from the USA to Mexico.

Mexico’s cost of living is far lower than that in the USA. The major spending categories such as Mexican housing, medical care, food, and utilities are 50% to 65% lower compared to American expenditures. So moving to Mexico gives you the space in your budget for luxury items such as housekeepers, cooks, gardeners, and as much travel as you like. 

Why the Cost of Living is Lower in Mexico

Why is the cost of living in Mexico much lower? Well, the US dollar goes a long way in Mexico, as much as 21.10 Mexican pesos (as of March 5, 2021), or in other terms, US$100 is worth 2110 Mexican pesos. This is equivalent to about a week’s wages for the average Mexican national.

You can live in Mexico on US Social Security payments. To get Mexican residency, you would need to prove that you have a total consistent monthly income of $1300 or more for at least the previous six months. This makes Mexico an excellent, tropical, low-cost destination for you regardless of your phase of life. 

Affordable Housing 

There is a lot of affordable housing in Mexico of varying architectural styles. Of course, beachfront properties are the most costly in any country, but even these properties are not as expensive in Mexico. Whether you choose to rent, buy, or build a home, it will be far less expensive to do so down south. Furthermore, the property taxes are extremely affordable, and it’s often only a few hundred dollars every year. You are free to purchase real estate in Mexico. Foreigners can own properties with the same rights and responsibilities as Mexicans. 

Great Healthcare

Mexico is well-known for its affordable and high-quality healthcare. The country also has a thriving medical tourism industry. In 2018, Mexico’s medical tourism generated US$14.1 million in revenue, an increase of 133% from the previous year. Persons often go to Mexico to have affordable surgical procedures mainly dental, cosmetic, and bariatric. 

Also, Mexico has good healthcare coverage for Mexicans and ex-pats alike. This supports the government’s goal of providing improved care for everyone regardless of their ability to pay or any pre-existing conditions. 

A Variety of Beautiful Landscapes

Mexico is a beautiful country that has a diverse array of geographical features. There are beautiful white-sand beaches with stunning aquamarine waters for all to enjoy along coasts such as the Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta. There are swamps, deserts, and a variety of weather patterns as well. 

This diversity is also reflected in Mexican architecture. Almost all the styles are heavily influenced by the Spanish, Mayan, and Aztec cultures. If you take a stroll through the downtown areas, these influences are on display in the facades. 

Mexico Has Many Ex-pat Enclaves

Lake Chapala is home to a large ex-pat community.

Mexico has many ex-pat strongholds or havens all across the country. Some of the best areas include:

  • Lake Chapala (south of Guadalajara) contains the largest numbers of US and Canadian ex-pats. 
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Guanajuato
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Merida
  • Tulum
  • Huatulco
  • Ensenada

Mexican Culture is Amazing

A big part of moving to Mexico is enjoying the great culture. There are many festivities to enjoy, and life moves at a different pace down south. Mexican siesta is something that you will experience and even anticipate, as local businesses often close for a few hours in the afternoon each day. Those siestas give you enough time to relax and reenergize each day. 

Mexicans are Very Warm 

Not only will you enjoy the laid-back culture, but you will find Mexicans very welcoming. The locals will be happy to make friends with you and learn more about you as you do about them. We recommend that you learn to speak Spanish. Although it is not required, it will help you to socialize much better and easily learn more about your new country and people. 

Enjoy the Food!

Mexican food is known worldwide and where can you get the most authentic dishes except in Mexico itself? The country has seven distinct food regions that feature unique cuisines. The local seasonings include chilies that are incorporated into cooking and also served on the side. The diverse seafood along Mexico’s many coasts is cooked differently. For example, the Yucatan peninsula has heavy Mayan influences, and corn is often served with many dishes. You can go on a tour of all seven regions and enjoy all the tantalizing flavors that are on offer.  

Interesting Facts About Life in Mexico

Before you move to Mexico, there are a few facts you should know:

Mexico is Not as Dangerous as Portrayed by the News

Despite the news, Mexico is not as violent as it appears. Admittedly, some parts are violent and should be avoided. However, Mexico is a huge country and many people live quiet regular lives without any links to the drug cartel. Regardless of where you live, always take the necessary steps for your security – as you would in the US. 

Renting an Apartment is Not the Norm

There are many rentals available in Mexico. But getting one of them will not be the straightforward process that you’re accustomed to in the USA. First, you need to know some Spanish (or have a translator) as most of the negotiations will be in that language. But this language advantage will help you to get a great deal on your apartment.

Furthermore, if you want to rent a room in a shared home, then it’s easier. You would just pay a deposit of one month’s rent and there may be a simple contract between you and the owner of the house or apartment. 

The issue is when you want an entire apartment or house for yourself. Then, bureaucracy comes into play. You will need an aval (or guarantor) who must be a Mexican citizen. This person will be held responsible if you miss your monthly payments or cause any trouble. If you don’t have such a person, then several companies offer aval services for a fee. 

You Will Need a Visa

You will need to have a visa to live in Mexico. According to the law, you can stay in Mexico as a tourist for up to six months. After that, you will need to make a visa run to another country and then re-enter Mexico for another six months. However, you can’t work in Mexico on a tourist visa.

Before you leave the US to go to Mexico, contact the Mexican consulate to get information about the Residente Temporal (Temporary Resident) Visa. It’s best to start with that visa before applying for a permanent one such as the Residente Permanente (Permanent Resident) Visa, which is the official immigrant visa. 

Banking Will be Different

Expect a different kind of banking experience in Mexico.

Don’t expect banking to be as electronic and convenient as it is in the USA. In Mexico, you will need to complete most of your banking in person, and you will need to stand in queues (which can be quite long). Even if you have questions or need to transfer money, you will need to physically go to the bank. 

However, beware of bank employees who will try to sell you digital services. Don’t bother getting them because you will still need to stand in a queue the following week. 

Mexico is a Portal to the Rest of Latin America

Living in Mexico gives you the perfect springboard to dive in and explore the other countries in Latin America. You will fall in love with Mexican culture and have a yearning to discover the similarities and differences in the cultures of the nearby countries. 

Also, learning Spanish allows you to not only fully immerse yourself in Mexican daily life, but it sets you up to have authentic and fulfilling experiences in these other Spanish-speaking countries. So get your traveling gear together because your move to Mexico marks the beginning of a lot of amazing adventures!

You May Never Want to Leave Mexico!

Mexico exerts a strong pull on all who visit her shores. Once you live in Mexico and you’ve fallen in love with the culture, people, and delicious cuisines, you will never be the same. You’ve been warned: Mexico can be addictive. Also, once you add the other Latin American countries to the mix, you may never leave!

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