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Are you about to move to Cabo San Lucas, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, or San Miguel de Allende? Are you wondering: “What are the risks when moving cross border to Mexico?” We will discuss these risks as well as how you can manage them for a hassle-free relocation. Let’s get started, shall we? 


Some Facts About Shipping to Mexico

While you can drive into Mexico from the USA, more than likely you’ll have to ship your household goods across the border. Although the US and Mexico conduct bilateral trade valuing almost $700 billion, shipping your household goods to Mexico still poses some risks. Let’s explore these risks in more detail. 


The Risks of Moving to Mexico

Let’s talk about the risks of moving to Mexico.

Here are some of the risks of shipping your household items to Cabo San Lucas (or any other city in Mexico):

Paperwork Woes

Shipping household goods into Mexico means completing multiple (sometimes redundant) documents. Although these cross border documents are electronically submitted, they must still be attached to your shipment at all times. 

Sometimes this paperwork gets misplaced or the shipper may not know the exact procedures that govern the submission of paperwork to the Mexican port authorities.  All of these documents must include the required information about the seller, declaration of goods, and the bill of lading. But that’s not all! There are also customs declarations and accurate contact information for the recipient. 

Never leave any aspect of these documents blank or complete them incorrectly. This can mean significant time spent in limbo as you wait for your shipment to be cleared.


Longer Transit Time

Another issue with getting your household goods to Mexico is the long transit time. The USA possesses extensive and efficient transportation networks, but this is not the case in Mexico. Many Mexican highways rarely exceed two lanes. Sometimes the already slow flow of traffic is further stagnated by frequent inspections along the route. 

The consequence? A longer time for your shipment to arrive at your new home in Cabo San Lucas (or any of the other great destinations). This means that shippers have to be proactive in planning their shipping routes to avoid known bottlenecks. However, even the best-laid plans can still be disrupted by weather delays. 

Security Threats 

Shipping your household items into Mexico may be impacted by a few security threats. Once you get outside of major metropolitan cities and into the rural areas, there is far less police presence. Less police presence translates to more possibilities for criminal enterprise. 

So you need to be aware that these threats exist in Mexico. To deal with these concerns, you need to plan with risk management in mind. Although the levels of the security threats vary from one part of Mexico to the next, they exist and your logistics need to account for this fact.


Cross Border Risk Management: What You Should Know

While the risks are inevitable, you can implement sound cross-border risk management strategies. Let’s discuss some of them:


Dealing With Damage to Your Shipment

Let’s talk about the risks of moving to Mexico.

Once we are talking about managing the risks of moving cross border to Mexico, then we must include insurance coverage. 

When you transport any cargo between the USA and Mexico, it is deemed as an international freight shipment. So the shipment of your household goods is now governed by international laws of commerce (not the US laws or Mexican laws). 

Unfortunately, most carriers have limited cargo liability protection. Furthermore, it is not possible for United States-based insurance to work for Mexican shipments. So you’ll need to get special insurance to give you greater peace of mind as your household items make their way to your new home in Mexico. 


Health and Personal Insurance

Your health is an important component of your move to Mexico. If you are going to enjoy settling into your new home in Cabo San Lucas (or elsewhere), then you need to be in the best health possible. 


Let US Border Movers Lessen the Risks of Your Mexico Relocation

What are the risks when moving cross border to Mexico? Now you know that there are so many moving parts to keep track of for this big move. The last thing you want to do is to become an expert in shipping to Cabo San Lucas, Guadalajara, or any other Mexican destination. So leave all your concerns about your shipping risks to US Border Movers. We have many years of experience moving our valued clients and their possessions across the US-Mexico border. Contact us today for a free estimate of your move. Let US Border Movers help you relocate to Mexico with zero hassles!