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Moving can be stressful enough when you are a homeowner. When you own the property you are vacating or ready to occupy, moving is far less complex. Your deadlines and moving logistics are mainly determined by your requirements. However, if you are a renter or if you’re considering committing to a new lease in a rental property, it’s not so easy. Here are some tips for moving into or moving out of a rental

3 Tips for Moving Into and Out of a Rental

When occupying a rental property, remember that you will be held responsible for any property damage that occurred during your tenancy.  


1. Take Lots of Photos of the Property

We recommend taking photos of the property before moving in or out of a rental property. It is always helpful to record the condition of the property upon your move-out. 

But, be sure that the photographs are date stamped. How can you do this? Simply adjust the settings/options menu on a digital camera. Or you can use a disposable camera and ask for the prints to be date stamped on the back. Most photo processing services offer this feature.

If there is any question of what condition the property was left in upon your vacating it, then these photos can serve as your silent, but effective witnesses.  Want to boost your case even further? It helps to be able to show the condition of the property upon your move in too. This is particularly helpful if the damage in question was present when you took possession.

2.Contact Your Landlord (or Landlord’s Representative)

You should establish contact with your landlord or landlord’s representative during any moving situation. It’s best to never assume that your landlord is aware of your plans. 

This is especially true when moving long distances. You want to ensure that you will be able to complete any paperwork or exchange of funds with your landlord at the appropriate time. 

Always provide your landlord with all available contact information so that they have no difficulty reaching you. They should be able to readily confirm any appointments you may have with them. On your end, always confirm your move dates with your landlord well in advance. This will avoid any scheduling hassles. 

3. Follow The Building Guidelines 

This is especially true when moving into or out of an apartment/condo building. It’s vital that you and your movers follow all building guidelines for moving and schedule accordingly. 

Also, confirm in advance of your move date if there are any regulations for moving deposits to be paid by the resident. Does the building management need to see proof of your mover’s insurance? Be clear on that as well. 

Additionally, if your building has elevator service be sure to confirm if you need to schedule a time for an elevator to handle the move. You should find out if there are any alternate procedures for moving. Some properties require that you take items out through the basement or a side door, as opposed to the main entrance.

Moving Into or Moving Out of a Rental With Ease

US Border Movers can make moving into or moving out of a rental a breeze. Simply contact us for an affordable quote. Then leave all the stress of moving you and your possessions to us. You’ll be settled in your new home in no time without worry. Contact us today.