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You’re about to begin a new and exciting adventure in Mexico: congrats on your relocation decision! Whether you are moving to Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, or Merida, you will need to get all your household goods to your new home. An international move requires a lot of planning so you need to get relevant information. Let’s discuss some of the best moving tips to move from the US to Mexico. 

Considerations About What to Pack for a Move to Mexico

Mexico is far different from the US as you will have a new way of life and live in a tropical climate. Here are a few factors to consider:

New Lifestyle

Your way of life in Mexico will be strongly influenced by your life phase and why you’re moving to Mexico. If you are going to be a student, then you will need to pack books and study materials. If you are retired, then you should have enough time for leisure and hobbies.  However, if you are moving to Mexico for work, then more than likely, you will need to not only move your personal belongings, but you will also need to transport your family’s belongings as well. 

Choice of Home in Mexico

If you choose to live in a smaller house in Mexico, then you won’t be able to have too much of your belongings in your new home. So, you would only pack items with the most practical and/or sentimental value. 

Also, if you’re moving into an apartment, then you won’t have space for any outdoor items like gardening tools and other types of equipment. Furthermore, your choice of furnished versus unfurnished accommodation will determine how much of your belongings you can pack for your new adventure. 

Your Comfort Level

What to pack for a move to Mexico? Your comfort items.

While you may be excited about moving to a new country, you could have some issues adjusting to the new culture. You may also encounter challenges as you go about your daily life. Therefore, you will want to make your new home a sanctuary, a place where you can feel safe, comfortable, and be able to unwind. You will need to pack everything that makes you feel relaxed and happy. These items may be family heirlooms, keepsakes, etc. to help you make your new home in Mexico feel like a haven. 

The Climate

Do you have an entire winter wardrobe in the USA? That is completely unnecessary in warm Mexico. Since the humidity is quite high, you may not want to take your delicate artwork or antiques with you to a new destination. 

Items That Can Be Imported into Mexico

Before you pack all your favorite things to move to your new home in Mexico, check the restrictions on imports. Feeling overwhelmed keeping track of all the does and don’ts? Then hire a professional moving company to help you move with zero hassles. 

The Risk of Moving Items 

You need to consider the transportation risks for every item. If an item is unlikely to survive an international move because it is too delicate, very sensitive, or weirdly shaped, then you should probably leave it in the USA. 

The Value of Your Items

Although you may feel an attachment to some of your possessions, they may not be sufficiently sentimental, practical, or valuable (in dollar terms) to take with you. 

Shipping vs. Replacement Costs

You should compare the costs of shipping an item to Mexico, versus the cost of getting a replacement once you move there. If an item will be hard to find in Mexico (or too expensive), then ship it to Mexico. Remember, when you decide to ship your household items to Mexico, you will pay by weight. So be very careful about what you choose to pack for your new home!

How to Pack Your Household Goods for Your Mexican Move 

Keep reading to get tips about how to pack your household goods for your Mexican move.

Once you have decided on what will accompany you to your new home in either Puerto Vallarta, Puebla, or Bacalar, you need to know how to safely pack your goods. 

Quick Packing Tips

Make sure that you use sturdy packing materials for your move. Also, you should:

  • Use high-quality packing boxes and materials. It’s better to spend more on packing, than opening boxes of damaged items in Mexico.
  • Choose corrugated cardboard boxes that you can tightly close.
  • Add extra tape at the bottoms and corners of your moving boxes. You don’t want your items to fall out!
  • Always use strong boxes to pack your fragile items.
  • Individually wrap your fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper. 
  • Add newspapers, plastics, or bubble wraps to fill the empty gaps in each box. 
  • Use packing tape, labels, and markers to note what you place in your packing boxes. 

Your household goods come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. Therefore, you need to take the appropriate steps to pack them for secure and easy international shipping. Here are a few tips to help you pack various items:


The good news is that Mexico’s power voltage is similar to that of the USA, so it’s easy to ship your items. Furthermore:

  • Unplug all electronics. Always unplug refrigerators at least 24 hours before loading them to ship. You will need to drain all the excess water and ice. 
  • Check the appliances’ manuals for any special instructions. 
  • Tape the inner table of your microwave oven to prevent it from moving around and breaking against the unit’s glass door. 
  • Use original packaging as much as possible. Otherwise, use strong, correctly-sized boxes. 
  • Cover screens with cloths to prevent scratches.
  • Always double-pack electronics with glass screens to avoid any breakage. 
  • Stuff empty spaces in moving boxes with clothing and linens.
  • Double-seal boxes and make the appropriate labels. 
  • Label boxes with the name of their intended room. Label boxes containing objects that you will need right away (like bedding, kids’ toys, or computer) with a note to open them first. 

Kitchen Equipment

Here are some quick tips to pack your kitchen equipment for your move to Mexico.

You should secure your valuable kitchen equipment by:

  • Packing your fragile bone china and ceramics in bubble wrap. 
  • Wrapping glass containers and sharp cutlery in extra packaging. 
  • Wrapping cutlery and utensils in tight bundles and bubble wrap before placing them in boxes. 
  • Placing paper between all your plates, bowls, cups, and dinnerware to safeguard against chipping and breaking. 
  • Using paper and bubble wrap to double-wrap your wine glasses, vases, crystal pieces, etc.


If you are moving to furnished accommodations in Mexico, then you won’t need to bring your furniture. However, unfurnished accommodations are cheaper, so you may want to ship your treasured furniture pieces to your new home. Make sure that you disassemble your furniture pieces and bicycles for flat packing as much as possible. Then, you can reassemble them in Mexico – just remember to take along your toolbox!

For small furniture pieces:

  • Make sure that the edges are completely covered to protect against chipping.
  • Protect surfaces with a bed sheet to prevent scratches. 

For mirrors:

  • Use a correct-sized flat box.
  • Line the outer edges with crushed paper.
  • Completely wrap the mirror in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. 
  • Fill any gaps around the mirror using crushed or padding paper. 


While you won’t need your winter clothes, you should consider taking along clothes that will match activities that you will enjoy in Mexico. Store all the clothes you won’t need in Mexico with family and friends or simply donate them. 

We recommend that you use vacuum packing to compactly store bulky items like bedding. Also, pack toiletries and other liquids in tightly-sealed plastic bags and place them inside securely-sealed boxes. 

Always move your delicate hanging clothes (like wedding dresses) using wardrobe boxes. For other hanging clothes, gather them while they’re on the hangers and secure them inside large garbage bags. That way, you won’t need to worry about placing all your outfits back on their hangers in Mexico. You can also use your suitcases to pack clothes and shoes, and laundry baskets and other containers to pack other personal items. 

Other Items

Pack books in corrugated boxes. 

Always pack light items in large boxes. Pack heavy items in multiple small boxes.

Place packing paper between your photo frames.

Never pack any banned, restricted, or hazardous items. You don’t want your shipment to be delayed at Mexican Customs!

Need Help Moving to Mexico? We Can Help!

We have shared some wonderful moving tips to move from the US to Mexico. Would you like to have a hassle-free move to your new home in Guanajuato, Merida, or Puerto Vallarta? Then you need US Border Movers! We have many years of experience moving clients from the USA to many beautiful destinations all across Mexico. Contact us today so that we can help you get settled in your new home, all rested and ready to begin a brand new adventure!