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When is the best time to relocate to Mexico? It all depends on the season and which part of the country will be your final destination. Yes, Mexico has varying climates, with the northern parts having a temperate climate and the south being more tropical. The weather makes all the difference to determine how easy it will be to move to your new home in either Guanajuato, Puebla, or Merida. Want to learn more about the best season to relocate? Need some relocation advice? Then keep reading for these moving tips to move from the US to Mexico!

Exploring the Seasons in Mexico

Mexico has a lot to offer, and its landscape is as dynamic as its people. The country’s rainy season runs from June to October each year. However, how wet it gets differs from one place to the next. 

The northern region rarely has any rainfall, and central Mexico tends to have heavy afternoon showers. Chiapas tends to be the wettest state, and many of its minor roads get washed out in autumn. It also gets wet in the south, and low-lying coastal zones can be humid in summer. 

From September to mid-October, the weather is very stormy, and you won’t get a lot of chances to visit your favorite beaches. This is also the hurricane season with wet weather, choppy seas, possible storms, and the inevitable mosquitoes.

December to April are the driest months across Mexico, as people take full advantage of the sunny weather. This is also the peak tourism season. But while the low-lying areas have dry and balmy weather, the mountain regions tend to get quite cold. At night, these mountain ranges can get very cold pretty much year-round. 

November is regarded as the best month to move to Mexico. This month is not rainy, and the landscape is verdant and filled with the promise of spring. 

Mexican Relocation Guide

When you’re moving to Mexico, you should have a planning guide and moving checklist to help with organization. Once you have decided to move to Mexico, you will need to take care of many things and prepare for your move. This guide will help you to do just that!

Pre-Move Planning

Make sure that you collect as much information and advice as possible about life in Mexico. You can also get guides for working, retirement, and accommodations. 

Preparing to Move to Mexico

You will need to plan and organize several things to relocate to Mexico with many details to wrap up in the USA before. Your plan will vary based on your unique situation. Several things affect the complexity of your relocation. They include your marital status, the number of children, and whether or not you have other family members who will move with you. 

We presume that you have already decided to move to Mexico, so this guide is written from that perspective. Let’s begin!

Three Months to Moving Day

Here are the things that you need to organize three months before your departure date:

Travel Documents

Make sure that you and all your family members have passports and that you have the appropriate visas to live and work in Mexico. Some employers may handle your visa documentation, but if you are moving to Mexico on your own, then you will need to handle those details 

You will need to fulfill the Mexican requirements to qualify for a living and working visa. Check your country’s Mexican Consulate for more information. 

Passport Validation

All your passports must be valid for at least a year when you apply for a Mexican residency visa. If your passports will soon expire, then you need to renew them before submission to the Mexican Consulate for residency visa processing. 

Driving License

You won’t have any problems driving in Mexico

Mexico doesn’t require an International Driver’s license, so you can drive in Mexico with your US license. Once you move to Mexico, you can choose to apply for a Mexican driver’s license if desired. However, this process varies from one state to the next, so you need to check with your chosen state of residence for more information. 

Examine All Electrical Appliances

Identify all the appliances that will accompany you to Mexico. Low-voltage appliances like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. will automatically adapt to Mexico’s power grid. Since you are in the USA, your large electrical items (such as TVs and refrigerators) will also work in Mexico as the electrical systems are equivalent. But bear in mind that your moving costs are based on the weight of your items. Therefore, it may be cheaper to purchase new household appliances once you move to Mexico. 

Account for Your Pets

There’s great news for your favorite pooch or kitty. Cats and dogs may also be taken with you to your new Mexican home whether that’s Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, Merida, or San Miguel de Allende. 

You will need to apply to the relevant authorities for permission and your pet will need to have all its vaccines and health documents. Furthermore, you will need to present a Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian (or other professional) that indicates that your pet has all its vaccines against rabies and distemper, administered at least 15 days before its arrival in Mexico. 

Kindly note that although you can take cats and dogs into Mexico, other animals (such as rabbits, birds, snakes, ferrets, etc.) require special import permits. 

Make a List of Items to Take into Mexico

Make a checklist of items that you need to take with you into Mexico. For the items that won’t make the trip, consider eBay, a garage sale, donations, or the recycling bin. 

We recommend that you walk around your home and take a look at all your household items. Don’t overlook your garage, shed, attic, or cellar. Those are the perfect places for long-forgotten, dusty items to accumulate. Clear out all items and assign them to their respective categories.

Settle All Real Estate Matters

If you rent, mortgage, or own a home, you need to make the appropriate arrangements. If you rent, submit the relevant termination notice (within the right time frame) to your landlord.

A homeowner will need to arrange to either put the house on the market for sale or rent. If you decide to go the rental route, then think about whether you will rent it furnished or unfurnished. Also, arrange for a local realtor to manage your property while you are living in Mexico. 

Whatever your case, don’t close out your real estate matters until you confirm all your visas from the Mexican Consulate.

Consider What to Do With Your Vehicles

If you have cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles, you need to plan what to do with them. You can move your vehicles from the USA to Mexico with ease. If you intend to sell these vehicles, then service them and advertise them for sale once your visas are confirmed. 

Arrange Temporary Accommodation in Mexico

When you first move to Mexico, you will need temporary accommodation. If you spend the first few nights in Mexico in a hotel, that’s OK. But it could be quite expensive, especially if you move to Mexico during the peak tourist season. Therefore, book all your hotel accommodations in advance. 

If you intend to move directly into rental accommodations in Mexico, then begin to make arrangements as soon as your visas are confirmed. 

If you intend to stay in Mexico for a while, you may decide to purchase a home. But we always recommend that you first rent in Mexico to figure out the most suitable location for you before making such a large investment. 

Hire International Relocation Experts

You don’t need to deal with all the hassles of managing your move from the US to Mexico. Not only can you hire packers to get all your household goods together for your move to Mexico, but you can also get experts to manage all the details of your move (including Mexican Customs). 

There are many relocation companies in the market. But do your due diligence to select the right company for your needs. The services supplied by these companies are offered on a menu-like basis. You choose from among their range of services based on what you need for your move. 

US Border Movers is your best option for relocating from the USA to Mexico. We have many years of experience helping our valued clients settle into their new homes all across Mexico. We will be happy to assist you as well – just give us a call!

Two Months to Moving Day

Two months before your moving date to Mexico, you have a lot to settle:

Get Several Moving Quotes

Once you know what you will take with you to your new home in Mexico, you need to contact two to three moving companies to get moving quotes. We recommend that you choose reputable moving companies. Even if a company has a good online presence, it’s important to also ask for references – and verify those references. More than likely, your household goods will be shipped by road from the USA into Mexico and you want to trust your mover. 

Determine Your Shipment Weight

You will need to pay for your shipment according to its weight. Therefore, the more items you choose to carry with you into Mexico, the more you will need to pay. If you want to save money, then you can either store or sell your larger items and reduce your shipping weight. 

It’s quite affordable to rent furnished accommodations in Mexico or buy everything you need there. You can also store your items in the USA, move to Mexico, get settled, and then get your household stuff sent to you in your new home-sweet-home. 

Arrange Accommodation in Mexico

You won’t have any problems driving in Mexico

You should have arranged the details of your accommodation in Mexico by this time. Your shipment of household items will arrive after you do (especially if you fly to your new hometown). However, you still need to plan for the receipt of your shipment to avoid paying storage charges once it arrives in Mexico. It’s ideal to move all your household items directly into your new home in either Merida, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, Puebla, or any other town. 

Figure Out the Import Requirements

Mexico allows you to import your household goods free of charge once you have a Resident Permit and you present a list of your goods to the Mexican Customs. This list is also called the “Menaje de Casa” and it details the inventory and current value of all your items in both English and Spanish. 

Items like clothes, books, and personal belongings are allowed duty-free. However, items like electrical appliances are subject to a duty limit and taxes must be paid on any value over and above this limit. Does this seem like a lot to manage? Well, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the paperwork. Simply contact US Border Movers and we will take care of all the documentation and necessary interactions to move your items into Mexico. 

Finalize the Details of Moving Your Car into Mexico

You need to complete all the final details around moving your car to Mexico. But if you choose the right moving company, they will arrange for the importation of your car into Mexico.

Get Schooling for Your Children

If you have children, now is the time to make school arrangements for them. If you and your family are being relocated by your company, then your relocation package would likely include this service. 

However, if you are relocating independently, you will need to research the most suitable schooling options for your children. We advise that you make a shortlist and then visit two or three schools once you all arrive in Mexico. Contact the US Consulate in Mexico to get more information about the top private schools in your area. 

Get All Your Travel and Personal Documents

Before spending money on the other aspects of your relocation and selling your household goods, secure all your travel documents. Confirm your family’s visas for your move to Mexico. Also, collect all your key documents together for your move – birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, diplomas, professional qualification certificates, etc. 

Reserve Your Flights

If you are flying to Mexico, you need to arrange your family’s flights. The earlier you book your flights, the lower the price will be. 

Manage Your Change of Address

Create a list of all the organizations that you need to contact concerning your move to Mexico. Set up a holding and/or forwarding address in the US if you don’t have your new address down south just yet. 

Start Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Items

You should have segregated your household items by now. Start to advertise your unwanted goods that will take a longer time to sell.

Manage Your Finances and Taxes

Consolidate all your financial arrangements such as paying off or canceling credit cards, closing bank accounts in the USA, and opening new ones in Mexico. Carefully dispose of any paperwork containing your personal or financial data by shredding them. Also, shred any bank cards and checkbooks that you no longer need. 

If you are retiring, then have all your pension and investment documents organized and at hand. Mexican authorities may ask you to produce them as proof of income. If you’re employed or an entrepreneur, then have your recent payslips or bank statements at hand, as you may need them for your visa application or renewal processes. 

Store all your share certificates, bonds, and other financial documents in your hand luggage. Please note that you need to declare the import or export of cash and other negotiable instruments if they exceed US$10,000. There are no limits on the amount you can import or export into Mexico, but you must make the declaration. You will also need to make a declaration to US authorities before leaving. 

It’s best to arrange your taxes before leaving the US. Consult an expert accountant to get advice in this regard. They will contact the IRS and ensure that all is in place for you to pay US taxes while living in Mexico.  

Arrange Your Voting Rights

Contact your local authorities to settle how you will vote remotely. 

One Month to Moving Day

In a month you will have an entirely different way of life: how exciting! All your hard work is about to pay off in a great way. This means that you should have completed the following: 

Secure Your Passports and Visas

Ensure that all your travel and visa documentation is in place. 

Finalize All US Housing Arrangements 

If you are renting, you should have given your landlord the required notice. If you are selling a home, then you should be wrapping up the sale by now. If you will be renting your US home while you’re in Mexico, then you should be making final arrangements for your tenants to move-in. 

Too tired to do a deep clean of your house? Then hire a professional cleaning service and let them come in to clean a day or two before you leave the property. 

Complete the Processing of Your Household Furniture

Your previous clear-out operations should be at the end. Clear out all the nooks and crannies of your home – attic, closets, basements, cellars, etc. Keep all items for your new home in Mexico in a separate room. Arrange for the pickup (or drop off) of all items that you will donate. If you will place anything in US storage, then place them in another room. 

Dismantle all large furniture for easy transportation. You should also begin packing up your home by now. 

Inform Organizations and Important Individuals About Your Move

Contact your local authorities, property management association, all utility companies, subscriptions, library, children’s schools, etc. about your move to Mexico. Also, meet with your doctor, lawyer, tax preparer, and other professionals to wrap up the details before you leave the USA. 

Get All Your Family’s Medical Documents and Prescriptions 

You won’t have any problems driving in Mexico

Visit your physician to get copies of every family member’s medical records. Get copies of your prescriptions so that you can get refills in Mexico. Complete important check-ups like eye exams and dental visits before you leave. This will give you enough time to find new medical professionals in Mexico. 

Reduce Your Food Stores

Use up all your refrigerated and frozen food stores. Empty your kitchen cupboards for your family’s needs and also donate to the local food pantry or shelters. 

Confirm All Your Final Week Details

Confirm your moving date and other details with your relocation expert and any other professionals (realtor, rental agency, etc.). Get all your pets’ paperwork together and their specialized carry box or kennel to transport them safely. 

One Week to Moving Day 

It’s the final week before your spectacular move to Mexico! Hooray! You have a few things to wrap up in this last week:

Get Ready to Leave Your Apartment/House

All your unwanted items should be donated and your food stores all depleted. All items designated for storage should be stowed away, and everything meant to accompany you to Mexico should be completely packed. 

Complete any last-minute laundry and pick up your dry cleaning. If you don’t have anywhere to stay, then consider staying with friends or getting a hotel room for the few days you have left in the US. 

Have All Paperwork and Documents in Place

All travel and personal documents must be in hand. You do not want to rush about during this last week in the US trying to finalize them. Above all, make sure that you don’t pack them away in your shipment!

Pack Your Luggage

Not everything should be handled by your moving company. Pack personal luggage for each member of your family. This should contain enough clothes until your shipment arrives in Mexico, expensive items like jewelry, sentimental items, as well as travel and personal documents. If you are flying, pack your documents, sentimental and valuable items, and a change of clothes in that piece of luggage. 

Prepare for Moving Day

If you have young children, arrange for their childcare on moving day, and let older children help with the move. Your relocation company should get to your home early and remove all the items that you will need on your Mexican adventure. 

Arrange for a Thorough Cleaning

Ensure that the property is completely clean for the next occupant. If you don’t have time to clean (or the will to clean), then hire a professional cleaning service. 

Get Final Meter Reading

Arrange for the final meter readings from all your utilities’ meters and close out your accounts. Also, cancel your telephone and cable TV service.

Handover the Property

Arrange for the next occupants of your home to take possession the day after you leave. This will make your move out a calmer experience and the new occupants will appreciate not having to wait for you to move on their moving day. 

If your property is going to be vacant for a while, then arrange for a trusted family member, friend, or a professional property management company to check it occasionally. This will ensure that your home is in great condition until it is occupied once more.

When You Arrive in Mexico

You’ve arrived in Mexico: Hooray! Let the adventures begin! Whether you enter Mexico via road or air, entry is quite straightforward. There are a few more things to settle upon arrival:

Entering Mexico With a Resident Visa

If you entered Mexico with a resident visa, the officer at your port of entry will stamp your passport with your entry date. Then the clock begins to wind down as you have 30 days to get on the foreign resident’s register via your local Mexican immigration office. 

It will take up to a month for your visa details to be registered and you will need a special exit/entry permit to leave Mexico for any purpose during those 30 days. Once your visa is processed, you will get a plastic residency card that you will use to exit and enter Mexico during its term of validity. 

Complete the Import of Your Household Goods

Your shipment should arrive in Mexico a few weeks after your arrival. The other piece of good news? Once you have a resident visa, you can import your household goods duty-free. 

Get Local Currency

You need to stock up your wallet with some Mexican pesos. You will need to complete transactions from the moment you arrive in Mexico.

Take Time to Acclimatize to Your New Location

You won’t have any problems driving in Mexico

We know that you’re excited about your new life in Merida, Oaxaca, Puebla, Guanajuato, or  Xalapa. It’s a lot to take in! But slow down. Set aside some time to learn more about your new environment and adapt. If you are now living at a higher altitude than in the USA, you will also need to adjust to the thinner air. 

Visit Your Children’s Schools

Now is the time to go visit the schools on your shortlist. Once you have seen the grounds, facilities, spoken to the school officials, and gotten your children’s feedback, then you can make the best choice. 

Explore the Local Culture

Each Mexican city has its unique ambiance. We invite you to explore the local food, customs, and traditions. Making friends with the locals will help you to settle in even better. 

Establish a Routine

If you moved to Mexico with a spouse who works, and you are not working, then it’s easy to fall into a rut. But you can make a routine for yourself. Even if you are retired, still create a daily routine. 

We recommend that you get involved with your new community. Each Mexican city tends to have many community and social networks as well as charities that need volunteers. You can also contact the US Consulate in Mexico for info on how to contact expatriate social networks in your area. 

Learn or Brush Up Your Spanish

To fully immerse yourself in authentic Mexican culture, you need to speak some Spanish. While you will learn some Spanish through daily life events, you should still try to improve your skills. 

Moving to Mexico? US Border Movers Can Help!

We have explored some excellent moving tips to move from the US to Mexico. Are you ready to move to Mexico and get started on your new life filled with Latin American adventures? Then speak with US Border Movers. We will get you moved into your new home in your favorite tropical city in Mexico. We will take care of everything while you relax. Contact us today!