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A move is always an exciting adventure: especially if you are moving to Mexico! You can say goodbye to the usual humdrum of life and embrace all the fresh, interesting, and fun activities in your new location. But first, you need to get to Mexico. And managing all aspects of an international move can be stressful. Do you want to learn how to stay organized when moving to Mexico? Then you are in the right place! Keep reading to see how these easy tips can help you move to Mexico hassle-free.

Quick Tips to Help You Stay Organized When Moving to Mexico

Whether you are moving to Oaxaca, Merida, San Miguel de Allende, or Puerto Vallarta, you want to enjoy your move and your new city.  So follow these tips to help you do just that!

Make a Moving To-Do List

Creating a to-do list will help you stay organized when moving to Mexico.

Yes, you need to visualize all the steps involved in your international move. So you should first create a list of things to do to help you pull off a smooth relocation to Mexico. 

You can write your list in a notebook, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you. Make sure that you include everything that needs to be done and add the start and finish dates for each task on your moving to-do list

Creating your list will help you to have a better understanding of all aspects of your move. You will also have a clear picture of when and where you need help to complete the move and what those persons should be doing. 

A well-defined plan will help you to avoid being overwhelmed and forgetting important details. Also, when you have a plan in place, it is far easier to delegate tasks and manage all the different crews. 

This list should contain the following items:

  • Research moving companies and compare their moving quotes 
  • Book a moving company or a rental truck
  • Clear your basement, attic, and storage
  • Find out which moving expenses are tax-deductible
  • Declutter your home for more light and space

Start Organizing Your Move ASAP!

Do you want an organized and pleasant move to your new home in Mexico? Then start the planning process early! You need to have enough time to complete all your pre-move activities promptly. You’ll have to manage many different tasks, so you need to create the time and space to make good decisions. 

When should you start organizing your international move? We recommend that you allocate about three to six months to plan your move. As soon as you decide to move to Mexico, then your planning should begin. 

Procrastination is the thief of time and you don’t want all the hassles that come with postponing the inevitable. Also, when you set aside sufficient time to develop and execute your relocation plan, you keep your stress low and improve your wellbeing. So start planning right away!

Get Useful Moving Apps

Technology makes our lives much easier, so get apps to help you have an easier move. A few of these handy moving apps include:

  • Sortly: Sortly is a business organizer app, but you can use the free version to log all your belongings into a visual inventory with photos, tags, notes, and other features. 
  • LetGo: This app makes it easy for you to sell items that won’t accompany you to Mexico. 
  • Nextdoor: Nextdoor helps you connect with people to both sell your belongings and find local improvement pros to get your home ready for sale. 

Choose Your Furniture and Appliances to Move

You’ll likely not know the house that you will have in Guadalajara, Oaxaca, or Merida. But take a look at real estate photos to have an idea of the usual layout of Mexican homes. This will help you figure out what furniture and appliances you should take with you. 

Create a Moving Binder

Create a moving binder to contain all necessary documents related to your international move.

Do you know what you need to stay organized for your upcoming Mexico move? A moving binder! You will need to keep track of many contracts and receipts, and a binder just helps you contain it all in one place. 

Some of the items that you can store in your moving binder include:

  • Moving checklists
  • Moving receipts
  • Utility companies’ phone numbers
  • Donation lists and receipts
  • List of furniture and appliances to be moved
  • Financial documents
  • Medical records
  • School records
  • Moving company paperwork

Maintain Your Utility Companies’ Contact Numbers

You need to keep the contact details for your utility companies close at hand. Ensure that you organize these numbers for each service provider in your moving binder. These utilities include your cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, trash, and phone. Although you will be moving to Mexico, you will need to end all of these services in your US home in a timely fashion. 

Donate, Sell, or Dispose of Your Unwanted Items

Once you have decided on what you will take to Mexico, begin to get rid of all your unwanted belongings right away. You don’t want to keep them around, or else they will clutter your space and complicate your moving process. 

As you get closer to your moving day, you have less time and energy to arrange garage sales, online sales, charitable donations, and going to your local dump. Plus, letting an item linger in your space will make you feel compelled to include it in your move and make your moving bill more expensive. 

Here are some tips about disposing of items in your home:

  • Return items belonging to others: Look around your home. Do you see anything that you borrowed but forgot to return to the owners? Now is a great time to make amends and give those items back! Whether these items are kitchen containers, tools, books, or clothes, let them all return home. Also, if you have adult children who still have their belongings in your home, have them either collect them or let you dispose of them. 
  • Charitable organizations: Arrange with your local organizations to donate your gently-used items. Some centers have unique requirements for their donations, so be sure to contact them before taking your items to donate. 
  • Junk removal services: There are many junk removal companies that you can contact to get rid of your items that can’t be sold or donated. They often accept and coordinate the appropriate disposal of almost all types of waste materials. But if you have hazardous waste, check with the company to confirm if they can accept and safely dispose of the same. 


Keep Track of Your Donation Receipts

Store your donation receipts for the next tax season

Once you have donated your unwanted furniture, clothing, and other household possessions, you will get receipts. Although you are moving to Mexico, you will still need to pay US taxes. Therefore, ensure that you save your donation receipts to get all possible tax deductions. Keep these receipts inside your moving binder along with your itemized list of donated items.  

Take Lots of Photos 

Before you start packing, you should take some photos of your soon-to-be-old home and your prized possessions. Make sure that once you start packing that you also take further photos. Why? Well, you need to:

  • Provide evidence about the condition of your household items
  • Preserve vivid memories of your old life in the USA
  • Help yourself to recreate your interior décor in your new home in Mexico
  • Provide visual aids to guide you in quickly reassembling furniture pieces
  • Keep things organized practically and logically

Devise a Packing Strategy in Advance

We recommend that you create a clear strategy for packing each room in your home. 

First, decide which rooms you will tackle, to begin with. Since you need to live in your home up to moving day, we recommend that you start with the rooms that contain items that you won’t use in the weeks before your move. These could be your guest bedroom and bathroom, library, storage closet, attic, basement, etc. The last rooms to be packed should be your kitchen and bedrooms. After all, you will need to eat and sleep right up to your moving day! 

Once you know when you will pack which rooms, you need to determine the types and quantities of moving supplies that you will need. 

Use Color-Coded Moving Boxes

You should devise a system that helps you track all your moving boxes, especially since this is an international move. You don’t want to get to Mexico and be utterly confused about the location of all your household items. 

Color-coded moving boxes are perfect for a hassle-free move. While some persons use clear packing tapes and a black marker to label boxes, this doesn’t help with quick identification. Instead, use different colored duct tapes to mark boxes that belong to different zones of your home. Doing this makes it easier to identify boxes from a distance and also reduces how much label-writing needs to be done.

Make a List of What Each Box Contains

As you pack each room in their color-coded boxes, keep track of what you put in each box. This will not only help you unpack with ease in Mexico, but it will also help you to keep track of what else needs to be packed. You can number all your boxes and then write an itemized list for each corresponding numbered box. 

Secure Your Electronics’ Cords

Have you ever had to carefully unravel a knot of cords for your various electronic devices? Frustrating isn’t it? So to avoid spending hours trying to untangle all your cords once you move to Mexico, take the time to store them correctly.

We recommend that you organize and label all cords before packing them. Simply wrap and secure each cord with a twist-tie. Then, put that wrapped cord inside a zip lock bag and label each one with a marker that corresponds to the respective electronic device. 

Take Your Valuable Items in Your Carryon Luggage

How to stay organized when moving to Mexico: Keep your valuables with you

Although you want to travel light, make sure that you always keep your valuable items with you. These items include:

  • Important documents such as passports, deeds and trusts, birth certificates, and Social Security cards
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Electronic devices and chargers, such as cell phones and work laptops
  • Cash, checkbooks, credit and ATM cards
  • All keys
  • Valuable and sentimental items like wedding rings and heirlooms 

Organize a Moving Day Essentials Box

Moving day can be quite a hassle and you won’t have any time to spare. So it’s a good idea to pack a moving day essentials box (or bag). You don’t want to have a difficult move minus your vital items. Therefore, create a checklist of all the things you will need. 

Your moving day essentials may include:

  • ID, debit, and credit cards
  • Important documents
  • Medications
  • Toiletries
  • An extra set of clothes
  • Baby necessities (if applicable)
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable plates and cutlery
  • Trash bags
  • A tool kit
  • Pet supplies (if applicable)
  • Bottled water for everyone in your family. 

Remain Focused!

It’s easy to get distracted as you try to keep track of all that you need to do for your move to Mexico. However, good time management and remaining focused will help you to have a smooth moving experience. 

You should:

  • Set SMART goals: Focus on one thing at a time to not get swamped by all that your move entails. 
  • Give yourself rewards: Stay motivated by rewarding yourself for each completed task. This will help you to power through all the exhausting moving preparations. 
  • Eat healthily and sleep: You’ll need to keep your energy level high as you prepare for your move. So eat well and sleep as much as you can. A healthy body means that you can work much better. 
  • Avoid procrastination: Yes, sorting and packing are not at all glamorous. But you must do the right things at the right time so that you don’t fall behind schedule, into mayhem, and then into stress. 
  • Eliminate distractions: Distractions can make you feel busier and stressed. Therefore, eliminate all distractions so that you can focus on your move. 

How to Stay Organized When Moving to Mexico? Call US Border Movers!

We have explored how to stay organized when moving to your new home in Mexico. These tips will help you have a great moving experience. But you also need some experts on your side to expedite it all. And US Border Movers is your expert moving company. We have many years of experience successfully moving many clients and their valued possessions to Mexico at affordable prices. We invite you to contact us today so that we discuss how to make your move to your new Mexican city memorable in all the right ways!