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When you’re requesting a quote from a moving company, it is very important to remember that communication and honesty are essential to ensure accuracy. Nobody likes surprises on moving day. So to avoid any fluctuation in your relocation costs or the services rendered, here are some quick tips on how to correctly estimate moving costs.


Tips on How to Estimate Moving Costs Accurately

Everyone Sees Things Differently so be Objective

Your moving company needs to know exactly what you will be moving. When describing your inventory to them, remember that your idea of what is “light” or “heavy”, or “large” and “small”, is subjective. It may not coincide with the perspective of the company that you’re speaking with. 

Since each person has their own idea of how to gauge the sizes of moving loads, it’s best to  describe all items in actual terms:

  • Measurements 
  • Weights 
  • Materials 

Then the estimator can accurately judge the size of your items and the total cost of the shipment. This will give you a more accurate moving quote. 

Provide Detailed Descriptions

You must be as specific as possible when describing your inventory of the items you will be moving. For example, stating that you have “a bedroom set” is not very helpful when calculating an accurate price for your move. Keep in mind that every home is unique. While you may feel that your bedroom set is “typical” or “normal”, in the moving industry there is no “standard” of inventory. 

At US Border Movers, we provide moving quotes based on the exact items that you will be moving. So having a very precise list of your items to be moved will ensure that the price will not need to be adjusted on your moving day.  We recommend that you do a walk-through of your home to ensure that you don’t forget any of your belongings. Make a list of every item to be moved. You can even physically check your written inventory while we’re on the phone together.  Our aim is to ensure that you get an accurate quote, which is the first step for a hassle-free moving day.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Many individuals fall victim to thinking that if they do not disclose their entire inventory to the moving company during the estimation phase, they won’t be obligated to pay anything above a quoted price. This is a bad idea!

When the movers arrive to pick up your items, they will be checking the items being loaded against the order for service. This order for service is detailed, as it outlines all the inventory you provided to the moving company.  Any items not inventoried during the estimation phase will not fall under the agreed-upon pricing. These items will incur extra fees as the labor and materials needed for the move increase with the items not accounted for. We certainly don’t want our customers to have any issues at any time during their move. We want each customer to have the best moving experience!

Maintain Contact with Your Moving Company

Keep in touch with your moving professionals – especially during your packing process! A quick phone call or email to let your movers know about small changes in your inventory (or packing situation) can help avoid frustration and delays on your moving day. By staying in touch before the move, any adjustments to the pricing or services required can be arranged ahead of the big day, which will make your move much less stressful. 

At US Border Movers, we’re not here to just sell you a move. We are here to help you through every phase of your relocation process.  


US Border Movers are Your Relocation Experts

The matter of how to estimate moving costs is an important one. But you don’t have to worry about your upcoming move. Let us relieve you of the stress of moving! At US Border Movers, we are experts in getting you into your new home with no hassles and your satisfaction is guaranteed. So contact us today for a budget-friendly moving quote and a stress-free move.