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Dear Border Movers,

My wife and I recently used US Border Movers to facilitate our move from Portland, OR, to La Paz, Mexico, a distance of over 2700 miles. We accepted Geoff’s bid as it was more than fair and because his company was recommended to us. He gave us a pickup date and despite being very busy, flew in to town to honor that date, which was very appreciated. He arrived to La Paz right around his estimate with a large crew. Despite the condo being 3 floors up, the furniture was loaded in place in less than 2 hours. The furniture was wrapped and well taken care of. Even a 5ftx9ft mirror made it in perfect condition. So did several pieces of very valuable art and 2 full glass curios. Geoff was genial and a hoot to chat with while the job was being done. I would and will, without reservation, recommended US Border movers to anyone I come across looking for an interstate or border crossing move.  

Nate and Jess Kincaid

Dear Border Movers,

We are so glad that we chose Border Movers. Geoff and his team were a pleasure to work with on a very long distance move from beginning to end.  They were very professional, punctual and kept in constant communication. Everything arrived in perfect condition. We highly recommend them.


Sharon Lehr

Dear Border Movers,

I will gladly give you my feedback. I have used Border Movers to take TWO loads of my belongings to Mexico. We bought a home in Sonora and I was really nervous about how we were going to get our stuff down there.

I did a bunch of research while I was both in Mexico and the US. I interviewed Geoff a couple of times as well.  Since I received positive feedback about him and his ability to get things across the border, I hired him. We were moving goods from Houston to Puerto Penasco. I'm happy to hiccups!! We got our stuff as promised and not a single thing arrived damaged!!

After the success with the initial load, I felt very comfortable with we sent a second load. We flew down and met him at the house. Again, another successful damage...AGAIN! Geoff has been doing this a long, long time, and was on both ends of the move, both times, supervising the project.

Moving to Mexico is exciting...and a little scary at the same time with all the regulations. My best advice would be NOT to try it yourself. Hire Border and let them do their thing.

Have a good move!

Steve Geske

Dear Border Movers,

I used US Border Movers to move several rooms of furniture from Scottsdale AZ to Rosairto Baja California,  Mexico.  US Border Movers weren’t the lowest quote I received but I am glad I chose them. The owner, Geoff, was the most knowledgeable and helpful. The fact that this company was in charge of my goods for the entire journey was important.  My furniture arrived in Mexico on time, on budget and in good condition.  I highly recommend Geoff and US Border Movers.

Andrew Greess

Dear Border Movers,

I run a dog shelter in the Lake Chapala area.  We have anywhere from 80 - 100 dogs.  We are lucky enough to have relationships with rescues in the US and Canada.  We fly our dogs to these rescues where they have loving homes waiting for them.  Each of these dogs are flown in a crate that we have to purchase in Mexico. They are very expensive and can easily be reused.

One day, I called Geoff to pick his brain about how to get these crates back to us.  He suggested we ship them to Phoenix, where he picks them up and brings them to us.  I just wanted some ideas, but he stepped up to the plate.

We couldn’t be more grateful to him for going out of his way to get these crates to us.  It has worked out very well for us and enables us to fly rescue dogs at a more reasonable cost.

Carolyn C.

Dear Border Movers,

We were first introduced to Border Movers about two years ago when we decided to move to San Carlos Mexico. Our friends who live in San Carlos recommended Border Movers as being the best provider at the most economical price. After doing some price comparison we found that to be absolutely true.

We have since used Border Movers on several other occasions as we bought a second home in San Carlos and we shipped building materials and furniture items from the US.  

We can’t thank Border Movers enough for their extreme care, timely delivery, and, personal

“hands on service” they provided us.  We would highly recommend Border Movers to anyone wanting to move anything across the border.  You will be glad you did from both a financial perspective and “peace of mind” that your belongings will arrive safely, on time and at the best possible price.

Trish and Collin Carpenter


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