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Cross-country moves are a regular occurrence. So, long distance relocation services are a necessity. However, it is important that you understand any and all possible extra charges. What’s one of these charges? A shuttle. Let’s consider the definition of a shuttle and when you may need it for your relocation. 


When Would You Need a Shuttle?

Long distance moves are usually done on an 18-wheel tractor trailer.  At certain pick-up and delivery locations such as gated communities, apartment buildings, and cities like San Francisco and Washington, D.C., 18-wheelers sometimes do not have access to your location. 

When this happens, your moving company is required to rent a smaller moving truck from a local area to complete your pick-up or delivery. This smaller moving truck is called a shuttle

At pick-up, your items are loaded onto the smaller truck, and then re-loaded onto the larger truck at a safe location with 18-wheeler access.  At delivery, your items are unloaded onto the smaller truck that drives to your new home and gets you all settled in place.  

Charges for shuttle services depend on the size and location of your shipment.  We recommend that you notify your moving company of these logistical concerns during the estimation process. This will ensure that you receive an accurate quote.

Expert Long Distance Relocation Services 

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