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Puerto Vallarta is a resort town in the state of Jalisco that’s located along the Pacific coast of Mexico. There’s an eclectic mix of locals, ex-pats, and tourists that characterizes what living in Puerto Vallarta is all about. You’ll also get easy access to the popular Majahuitas Beach, which is designated as the best beach in the area. Let’s talk about how you can get to this notable beach and what you can expect while you’re there.

Majahuitas Beach: How to Get There

This beach got its name from the “Majahua” (Hibiscus pernambucensis, or Seaside Mahoe). This is a plant that grows by the edge of the sea and is commonly found on beaches that lie along the southern section of Banderas Bay.

If you are ever in Puerto Vallarta, then Majahuitas Beach is one place that you simply need to visit. Its pristine blue water and secluded location make it the perfect relaxation spot.

Majahuitas Beach is located between the town of Quimixto and the fishing village of Yelapa. It’s a small cove with a golden sand beach that melts into beautiful clear waters. How do you get to this world-famous beach? Since the beach is backed by dense impenetrable forests, the only access is via the sea. It’s located 18 miles (or 29 km) from Puerto Vallarta, so getting there is an adventure. You can either:


  1. Take a water taxi (or panga) from Boca de Tomatlan or the pier at Los Muertos. This trip should last about 30 minutes, but that depends on the number of stops along the way. Or
  2.  Take one of the bay cruise tours (like Vallarta Adventures) that visit different beaches around the Banderas Bay.

What to Expect at Majahuitas Beach

This is the perfect beach for nature lovers and for those seeking a quiet place to unwind and simply relax. Since getting to this beach takes time and planning, it tends to have few visitors. 

You can easily fantasize that you’re on a deserted tropical island. Simply soak up the calming rustle of the many palm trees, the sound of the waves along the beachfront, and the cooling breeze from the seascape. 

This beach also has good facilities available like beach beds, toilets, and a bar. So you can just focus on having a great time while you’re at Majahuitas Beach.

However, you don’t have to just lie around all day (unless you want to). You can swim, sunbathe, or even go on a hike into the pristine jungle that lies behind the beach. But if you choose to go hiking, go with a group on a guided tour. 

Kayaking and snorkeling are also available for your enjoyment. Majahuitas Beach is home to a reef, a sea cave system, and a diverse array of marine life. A scuba dive into the inviting bay will treat you to sights of sea cucumbers, parrotfish, pufferfish, damselfish, angelfish, trumpet fish, moray eels, among many others. You may also spot a sea lion during your dive. 

Majahuitas Beach offers adventures for all ages and at a variety of paces so that everyone will enjoy the trip. 


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