Why Los Cerritos Should Become Your Next Hometown

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and its low cost of living lets many American expats live a lifestyle they otherwise wouldn’t be able to maintain in the states. While there are many different cities and towns across the country that can be great fits for a new hometown, Los Cerritos stands out as one of the best. Here’s why your international moving team recommends Los Cerritos. 

Fantastic Swimming Beaches
Los Cerritos is close to Todos Santos and provides residents with access to the same beautiful beaches. The soft sand is great for kids and pets and makes a perfect place to relax while reading that massive to-be-read pile you’ve collected over the years. But what makes the area’s beaches stand out even more is that they’re ideal for swimming. The waves are big enough to allow for surfing and boogey boarding but not so big that swimmers can’t enjoy taking a dip. 

Easy Access to Other Towns
You’ll feel like you’re out in the country in a quaint and close-knit village, but you’re never far from the resources that modern cities offer. Todos Santos is just a short drive away and La Paz, Baja California’s capital city, is just an hour away by car. You can access the best that a major city has to offer without having to live close to the hustle and bustle. 

Opportunity to Become Established in a Growing Town
Los Cerritos is a bustling town, but it’s still growing. That means you have the opportunity to buy property now and become an established part of the community before it becomes a well-known tourist destination or starts attracting more digital nomads who are looking for a coastal escape. Even better, you’ll be able to buy property at what will likely be lower rates than what others will pay in the future.

Lower Prices Across the Board
Though it’s next to Todos Santos, Los Cerritos is still not quite as popular as its neighbor. That means you won’t have to pay the same high prices that target tourists. And the more you can stretch your dollars when you move, the more luxurious of a lifestyle you can afford to live. Don’t worry—you’ll still find the same high-quality local restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues that you would in a more popular town, just without the higher price tag. 

Los Cerritos Is Mexico’s Best-Kept Secret
If you’re considering an international move, Los Cerritos can be a great new hometown for you and your loved ones. With more expats moving to the area, you’ll find an instant sense of community and can build the life you’ve dreamed of more affordably. 

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