What You Should Expect If You Move to Todos Santos

One of the hardest parts of moving to Mexico is picking which place you want to call home. Mexico has hundreds of beautiful towns, villages, and large cities where expats can thrive and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life than is typically available in the States. And while U.S. Border Movers can help you relocate to many destinations, one of our favorites is Todos Santos. Here’s why you should consider making Todos Santos your next home base.

Your Money Will Go Farther
Like most of Mexico, Todos Santos has a low cost of living compared to the United States. Expats can typically find homes with lower asking prices and rentals with lower rates than they can find stateside. But housing isn’t the only thing that’s cheaper. Healthcare, food, entertainment, and other goods are more affordable, too. You’ll be able to get more bang for your buck when you’re in Todos Santos than you’d get stateside. If you’re retired and are looking for a way to stretch your retirement savings, moving to Todos Santos may help. And if you’re still working, your income will help you live a more luxurious lifestyle without forcing you to look for a higher-paying job.

It Has a Vibrant Art Scene
Todos Santos is well-known as being a tropical paradise, perfect for surfing enthusiasts. And while the beaches are certainly a great attraction, it’s Todos Santos’s art scene that truly sets it apart. The city has dozens of artists crafting and creating eye-catching works that reflect their culture and heritage. Hit up local galleries, find artists working in their studios, and take in the beauty their creations provide the area. 

The Healthcare Providers Are Excellent
Mexico attracts thousands of tourists looking to access cheap but high-quality healthcare. And Todos Santos is home to many excellent medical practitioners, from doctors and dentists to ophthalmologists and orthodontists. The quality of care you’ll receive will likely be at least as good as what you could find in the States. And you’ll be able to get the same or similar treatments and medications at a much lower price, even if you don’t have insurance. 

The Todos Santos Expat Community Is Strong
Todos Santos may not have the biggest expat community, but it does have a strong and established presence in the area. You’ll find other Americans who have moved to the city and can rely on the community to help you adjust to a new culture and new hometown. Even better, the expats who have been here longer may be able to help you find the best restaurants, best doctors, and help you adjust to a predominantly Spanish-speaking area.

Ready to Move to Todos Santos?
If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing place to call home outside the States, look no further than Todos Santos. And if you’re ready to make the move, spare yourself the frustration of trying to arrange everything on your own. Contact U.S. Border Movers today to request an estimate and to learn more about how we’ll help you take the stress out of your move across the border.
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