Why You Should Move to Cabo San Lucas

If you’re looking for a change of pace and are feeling tired of living in the same city you’ve been in for the last few years, making a move to a new location can be a great way to make life more interesting. But you don’t have to stay stateside with your next move. In fact, more Americans are moving to Mexico than ever before. The country is full of beautiful destinations, friendly people, and a thriving culture that can’t be beat. But with so many beautiful destinations, picking the perfect place to call home can be tough. Here are a few reasons to move to Cabo San Lucas

It’s Affordable
Though Cabo San Lucas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Mexico, it’s still incredibly affordable for American expats looking to live on the coast. Everything is cheaper across the board. That means you’ll pay less for food, medical care, insurance, and even housing than you would in moderately priced cities in the States. 

If you’re still going to work remotely for an American company, your salary will go much farther and you’ll be able to maintain or even increase your quality of life without having to worry about getting a raise.

There’s Always Something to Do
Since Cabo is such a popular tourist destination, you can always find something fun to do on your days off. Head to the beach that’s just a short walk or drive from your home. Listen to local music at one of the many bars and restaurants. Or go hiking on one of the nearby trails winding through the mountains. There’s something for everyone and even young kids will be able to get in on the fun.

Friends and Family Will Want to Visit You
If you’ve always struggled to get friends and family to come to you, moving to Cabo San Lucas will solve the problem once and for all. As a tourist hotspot, convincing your loved ones to come stay with you and relax on the beach will be too tempting for them to resist. 

And since Cabo San Lucas has its own airport, your loved ones won’t have trouble finding a convenient flight in. The hardest part will be convincing them to leave at the end of their stay.

It’s Safe
Mexico has a reputation for being more dangerous than the United States. And while this can be true in big cities like Mexico City where gangs are still very active, it’s not the case in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is very safe for both Mexican nationals and American expats, especially if you take reasonable precautions. Most of the crimes that happen in the area are simply petty theft, so don’t leave your car or home unlocked, and keep a grip on your bag when walking in crowded areas to reduce the risk of pickpockets—just as you would in any city in the world.

Don’t Let a Move Be Stressful
Moving to Cabo San Lucas will let you embrace a slower pace of life, but the move itself can feel quite stressful. Don’t try to move on your own. Instead, let US Border Movers help streamline the process. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming move and to get an estimate.
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